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Classic Circus & Bozo

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Double Metal Jacks Game 2 Balls Vintage Set | poptoptoys.
Double Metal Jacks Game 2...
$7.98 $9.98
Bozo the Clown Kazoo with Magnet | poptoptoys.
Bozo the Clown Kazoo with...
$9.98 $11.98
Silly Circus Jack in a Box | poptoptoys.
Silly Circus Jack in a...
$36.98 $38.98
Classic Clown Big Bop Bag Toy Schylling | poptoptoys.
Classic Clown Big Bop Bag...
$20.98 $21.98
Black Cowboy Hat Child Size Wild West | poptoptoys.
Black Cowboy Hat Child Size...
$14.98 $16.98
Grey Fabric Kepi Hat | poptoptoys.
Grey Fabric Kepi Hat
$19.98 $21.98
Rocking Horse and Jockey Ornament Tin Toy | poptoptoys.
Rocking Horse and Jockey Ornament...
$15.98 $17.98
Silver Acrobat Balancing Mini Circus | poptoptoys.
Toothpick Bird Deluxe Diner Dispenser | poptoptoys.
Toothpick Bird Deluxe Diner Dispenser
$15.98 $16.98
Tin Toy Clown Dandy Tips Hat | poptoptoys.
Tin Toy Clown Dandy Tips...
$31.98 $33.98
Circus Pinball Christmas Ornament | poptoptoys.
Circus Pinball Christmas Ornament
$5.98 $7.98 Sold out
Ferris Wheel Ornament : Colorful Metal : Schylling | poptoptoys.
Ferris Wheel Ornament : Colorful...
$30.98 $32.98
Happy Clown Tin Toy Stretches 1950 | poptoptoys.
Happy Clown Tin Toy Stretches...
$26.98 $28.98
Pink Cowgirl Cowboy Hat Child Size | poptoptoys.
Pink Cowgirl Cowboy Hat Child...
$13.98 $16.98
Bozo Big Bop Bag Original 46 inch 1960 | poptoptoys.
Bozo Big Bop Bag Original...
$32.98 $34.98
Classic Juggling Balls Circus Set of 3 | poptoptoys.
Classic Juggling Balls Circus Set...
$9.98 $11.98
Kissing Couple Clicking Tin Toy | poptoptoys.
Kissing Couple Clicking Tin Toy
$9.98 $11.98
Proto the Robot Drummer Tin Toy | poptoptoys.
Proto the Robot Drummer Tin...
$29.98 $31.98

Classic Circus Toys and Bozo the Clown Toys

Classic Toys have always included circus animals and performers. We offer a retro variety of Bozo Bop Bags Clown ToysCircus Fair Rides and Big Top Windup Toys.