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About Us :


We offer classic toys that you remember! ships your order fast from Atlanta, GA USA.

Our family has sold toys since the 1930's, originally at Brown's 5 and Dime store on the courthouse square in Fayetteville, Georgia.

It all started when the Brown twins opened 2 storefronts on the historic square.  Earl started a barbershop, while Mearl sold dry goods and novelties, including popular toys of the time.

Mearl loved to laugh and share toys with the local children. He closed his shop when he joined the army in WW2, but his family kept a collection of the top toys from the 5 and Dime.  Meanwhile on the courthouse square, Earl kept busy cutting hair for another 50 years!

Seven decades and three generations later, Mearl's great-grandson found the old toys carefully stored in his grandfather's basement. At 8 years old he had an idea to start an online store offering his Pop's and Grand-Pop's retro toys. He found that the classic toys are still being made, but rarely sold in big chain stores. The enthusiastic kid's little business grew and now employs the whole family at!

The Brown family hopes you will share laughter and your fun toys with the next generation.


They still make toys like they used to!

We offer hard-to find toys and classic novelties that are almost forgotten, but they are still fun.

We specialize in finding toys that make children (and their parents) wonder and imagine.

Our tin toy and robot selection is very special. These toys are getting harder to find everyday, as toy factories close around the world.

Over the years we have pleased thousands of families with our selection of 5000+ toys and gifts.  Mearl's classic toy collection has really grown!

All of our toys are new.  These classic toys may look like antiques.  Many toys that we offer are exclusively sold by us!


In 1940 if you picked up the phone to call us,  you would spin the ringer and say, "Helen, can you connect me to the 5 and Dime?"  She might reply with a polite southern drawl, "Sorry, Mearl's already on his way home for supper, but he'll be back at 9 tomorrow mornin'."  Helen was Mearl's wife and the only telephone operator in town.  She worked for Southern Bell (now AT&T) for many decades.
Today, you can call us or contact us at the address and links below.  Operator not required.

Address: 3120 S Martin Street, Suite 300 Bldg 2, East Point, GA, USA
Phone: 404-474-4797 : 888-896-1814
Online Shopping: 365/24/7 - Same Day Shipping M-F before 2PM EST