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Metal Lunch Box

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One thing is for sure – retro is cool. So instead of outfitting your kids spouse or even yourself with a mundane cooler bag or soft-sided lunch tote consider ordering a vintage metal lunch box from Tin Toy Arcade. You’ll harken back to when you were a kid when your lunch box was more than a simple carrying case for a hearty homemade lunch. Instead it was your chance to differentiate yourself from rest of class by toting your choice of metal lunch box – often with a pop culture-related design on front. So don’t let your kids brown bag it anymore order a vintage lunch box today and they’ll love way each metal lunch box securely and stylishly holds their lunch. Choose from a range of designs – from whimsical to intentionally nerdy vintage Americana to seasonal. Find a cool vintage lunch box today and add some cool to your next trip to lunchroom.